Why did King David sin so deeply?


ImageI’m not sure if this is an answer or that was a question, but the devil is certainly responsible for more of what we do than God is…Our flesh is infected with the enemy and our mind is, well, his playground. He constantly lies to us, tempts us and tells us things even disguising himself as the voice of God to befuddle us into wrong choices, actions and words. ( 1 Peter 5:8 Be alert and sober of mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.) The idea that he lies in wait for any moment, second, to trap us and devour us, eat us alive, is unsettling, but true. There is no stop day or night to his accusations against the people of God. Rev 12:1-17 “The whole world lies under the sway of the wicked on” 1 John 5:

Transformation out of our flesh, and into our spirit is not a sudden change. It is a long and arduous process of us seeing the sin and repenting and being forgiven and growing into the next stage. And in my case, all too often, I am rounding the same mountain like a redo lesson, because the first time wasn’t clear enough. “Oh yeah! I get to do it again!” Often different glasses, same view. Just like the Israelites in the 40 year journey, short lessons can take quite long. 

As it says in Romans 12:2 only by the renewing of our minds can we hear most clearly from God, the Spirit in our spirit speaking to us.  In Phil; 4:8 we are told to “think on” things that are of God. 2 Corth 4:6 speaks of being renewed daily (in our minds), 1 Peter 1:13 tells us to “gird up the loins of our minds”, Eph 4:23 be renewed in the spirit of your mind Col 3;2 Set your mind on things that are above. (and the list goes on)

I guess what I’m saying is I believe God understands that the enemy is strong and unmerciful and in constant unyielding attacks on His people, but for this, to overcome and show that God is bigger stronger and totally in control, Jesus made a way.  King David did not have the “indwelling Spirit” as it was “not yet.”  Therefore when he fell in a weird way, God understood. Just as He did when all of them were pulled away…Each time God would send in others to bring them back. God understands. We are weak in our flesh, He is strong. Without Him, we are undone. 

I know you know all of this dear sister, but your question helped remind me.  Steel sharpens steel. Thanks for the rub. 

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Annoited Wisdom


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Arun Kanjira   Age: 26  In training to become the Principal at Gerard Prep.

Great soil.

Strong plant.

Expecting great fruit!



Fighting for Change


IMG_5973Fighting for Change

The 2013-2014 school year is quickly disintegrating into another slippery slope and parents across America are asking what they can do to find, preserve, entrust a better education for our children.

The fact is the system orchestrating our educational symphony is so archaic, their baton has become a cane, and the sheet music is so muddled that what we are hearing today is not the sweet music of success. It is rather a loud noise crying, “Help us we are playing non syncopated jazz !” and a rare very few even get it… And certainly it is not the least bit melodic or harmonious!”

Do we blindly believe that Billy brought a gun to school and shot teachers and classmates because he had a successful school career? No, Billy is a sampling of a system that is failing to a fault that is becoming front page news all too often. And if Billy types are making the news, what about those who just quietly become a static and fall out, fail out, walk away with less than their demeanor or self-image in their hands. The incidence of teen suicide and depression is not only on the rise, it is head and shoulders above where the success bar used to be.

For those teens and elementary students struggling to keep up or forge ahead, the answer or solution for many today is drugs.  No, I don’t mean the illegal kind we used to use when we were young. i mean the kind that parents are handing out just to keep their children and teens in “regular classes” without running the risk of labeling them LD (Learning Disabled). Today ADHD is as common a label as short, tall, black, white, smart, dull, or pretty or homely. In other words, if someone is between 3 and 23 they may be labeled with ADHD.  “Why,” is the resounding question observers ask, but all too often it is an accepted diagnosis, and the means to correct the over arching problem is the new legal drugs.

I heard a news cast the other day that said a survey was conducted that found that students who walked to school daily could reduce or completely eliminate the need for ADHD medications during school.  Amazing! What a little exercise can do, That coupled with the peace and calm of missing the chaotic bus trip, the tension of bullying on the bus, or the arguments often ensuing in the car on the way to school in the parents ‘always 5 minutes late’ morning transport.  Do we think that environment doesn’t compound the problems exacerbated by the chemicals and dye in the foods? Combine stress with red dye and you have a child ready to explode…And according to the EBD stats (Emotional-Behavior-Disablities) problems far worse than “lack of focus” are on the rise.  The next generation of children won’t just be distracted, they may be desperate.



ADHD diagnoses in U.S. children rise 53% in the past decade, CDC data show

One in five high school boys and 11% of kids and teens overall have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder at some point in their lives, according to new CDC findings. Experts say the growing number of diagnoses is troubling, especially amid abuse of ADHD drugs to boost school performance.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/adhd-diagnoses-jump-53-decade-cdc-article-1.1304626#ixzz2gfaSXPb1

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Source: Center for Disease Control
Date Verified: 4.19.2013
For youth between the ages of 10 and 24, suicide is the third leading cause of death in the U.S.


Approximately 20 percent of adolescents have a
diagnosable mental health disorder.
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Among adolescents with mental health needs,
70 percent do not receive the care they need.
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differences in teen willingness to use mental health

Up to 85 percent of children in juvenile detention
facilities have disabilities that make them eligible for
special education services, yet only 37 percent had
been receiving any kind of services in their school.
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Are you READY? Chap 4- Axioms


Explosive Growth Equals Dramatic Meltdowns

GROWTH! That’s what we are praying for, asking for, knocking at the mid-night door down for…  But here is the BIG question… When the growth comes, what will you do with all those needy people? Are you really ready to support their asks? Their needs? Their “knocking at the mid-night door” pleas? Are you ( am I) ready for that?


Here’s the deal, you may be, but you or I alone can only do what one person can do, and while the boy with his finger in the dam may have had single-handed held back the flood, people are not like that-they are not a flood-they are a million tiny raindrops, that can wash away unprepared infrastructures, and the best laid plans of men will melt if not fully ready.  Maybe the crack in the dam is not the problem or concern, maybe it’s how the dam was built that is really what needs to be first considered.

So, what systems do you or I have in place. Can you apply to 100 what worked for 10? What is the formula you’ve written and what is it based on?  I have found that failure in the dam teaches me how to build a better dam. Take the time to plan it out..dont just start throwing rocks in a pile and announce “we are ready for rain!”

Assessing the question: So every class has sufficient desks, chairs bookcases and many (too many) books. We added lunch tables, parking lot space and new eyes on old problems..

We are more ready today then ever… so let it rain… a soft shower will do…and we will be grateful.

Always in a Season Chap 3


seasons2Are those snow flakes on the pool? Are the leaves falling in Spring?  Do you sometimes feel the world you are in is out of tilt?

This chapter spoke volumes to me… the seasons of change are ALWAYS CHANGING.

Okay here is some inspriational stupidity…I thought once you got past a season and into the next, real growth meant you’d not go back…like goodbye scarfs and wool hats and hello eturnal Easter parade … forging towards bikini summers…But NO!

Like what was I thinking? Forward is forward, but every season will be different. Certainly the way I do winter in my aging years is not how I did it in my youth…bare foot in snow banks is long since gone.  So why did i think that real growth in life would not reflect, well, the seasons of life?  Well, in any case, when I read it, bells went off!  And truth being said, it explains a lot! Have seen seasons repeat (we are currently in a season of preparation for growth) and I’ve been here before, only not.

To Everything there is a season. Ecclesiastes 3:1  And a time for everything under heaven. Amen

Make the Big Ask… Chap 2-Axioms


How do I ask for help? For Mentoring? For Money? For Followership?


Can I ask in such a way that the responce is postive? Or do i leave the listener wishing they were hitched to their IPod, IPad or XBox, and clearly unable to listen? This I know so far about asking;  One: Dont’ be afraid to ask. What is heavy or important on the heart of a Christ follower is more than likely important on the heart of God…afterall, are we not one in Spirit (our spirit and His? Two: No is as good an answer as a yes.  Now may seem almost as hard to believe as by faith accepting that we are the mouthpiece of God today, but it is no less a truth.   No is a great answer because a yes, with hinderances or attachments is a ball and chain. A free flying no is a thing of beauty and keeps me from endless “I owe You’s” trickling in lifetimes later.

Do I ask “well?”   Well, that is another thing entirely. I still stumble and trip over my words, but these days, I do ask, and generally get the chin to chest nod.

Words Matter- Chap 1



Thoughts on “Leadership Axioms”  Chap 1

” When you put the right words to a vision or a principal, it becomes axiomatic, It begins to live. The best leaders wrestle with words”



So I ask myself, “Why?’  Because, in my personal experience, when I have had a vision or dream, it emerges from my gut, or my heart and not always my head.  I can see it clear as a bell, but getting you to see it might be compared to eating lasagna or seeing a picture of lasagna. Certainly if you eat it, your experience contains more than just a visual description. It is taste smell even texture. Sometimes describing vision is like that…very hard to do in one dimension.

Over the years I have used words like, “Home away from Home” to explain the safety and love served up in our class rooms. I’ve used “Plant, Water, Nurture, Grow, Harvest” to describe my thought of how we can pour into our students. And, “Instill-Inspire-Ignite” Certainly is a full picture in my mind, given through my spirit.

I therefore agree, words are powerful. They carry weight to attract or repel, build or demolish, repair or destroy. Words are weapons and warriors, safety and salvation.

John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word, was God.” Yes. Words are powerful.